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Michael J. Foley

Michael Foley

Rank: Detective

Shield Number: 525

Command: 9 Squad

Date of Death: 04/10/1937

Cause of Death: Shot during a restaurant hold-up

Det. Michael J. Foley was appointed to the force in August of 1924 and was promoted to Detective only two years later. Assigned to the 9 Squad, on April 10, 1937, Foley and his partner, Det. John Gallagher, stopped at the Café Boulevard Restaurant at 144 Second Avenue, located on the second floor on Ninth Street. Six weeks earlier, four thugs had robbed the establishment, and the Detectives were on patrol in the area when they stopped to meet with the owner. At approximately 3:15 a.m. they were seated at the door when the same four perpetrators entered the all-night restaurant and announced to patrons that they were pulling another hold-up. Foley pulled his gun, but one of the crooks opened fire. Foley emptied his revolver at them, but he was felled by a bullet that hit his abdomen. One of the perps dragged a wounded gunman down the stairs to the street and they escaped. Det. Gallagher had also opened fire, but saw that the other two bandits took patrons hostage in the back. Gallagher lifted Foley to his feet, and both Detectives pointed their firearms at the perps, while Gallagher told them he would kill them if they moved. He called for backup, left the remaining perps to responding patrol Officers, and rushed Foley to the hospital, where he died. The four perps were eventually arrested.

Detective Foley had been on the force for 13 years and was 37 years old. Det. Foley’s funeral was held on April 14, 1937. He was eulogized as a man who was fearless. He is buried in St. John’s Cemetery and was survived by his wife and daughter.

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