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Luke J. Fallon

Luke Fallon

Rank: Detective

Shield Number: 489

Command: 70 Detective Squad

Date of Death: 05/18/1962

Cause of Death: Shot - Robbery in Progress

Two Detectives Killed in Gun Battle

Reprinted with permission from Spring 3100, June 1962 issue. 

Two Detectives, Luke J. Fallon and John P. Finnegan, 70 Squad, were shot and killed in a gun battle with bandits caught in the act of robbing a tobacco and confectionary shop on May 18 (1962) in Brooklyn’s Boro Park section. Both men, cited for bravery by the Department in the past, were gunned down in a vicious exchange of shots with the robbers. Five suspects, the two in the store and the driver of the getaway car, plus two accessories, were rounded up within five days. One was picked up in Chicago, another in Connecticut, two in New York and the fifth surrendered to The New York Daily News.

The Detectives were on patrol when they learned of the robbery. As they entered the store, both men were met by a hail of fire. They returned the fire as they fell, mortally wounded.

Detective Fallon, whose father was also in the Department, was appointed in December, 1936. He is survived by his wife and a married daughter, who lives in Pennsylvania. He was cited in April 1939 and December 1940 for capturing two robbers, and in April 1946 for the arrest of an arsonist.

Detective Finnegan was appointed in October, 1956. He was awarded a meritorious citation for his chase and capture of an armed bandit who had robbed a cabbie. A native of Brooklyn, Det. Finnegan is survived by his wife and their two children.

Both Detectives received Inspector’s Funerals. Detective Fallon, 55 years of age, was buried on May 22 in St. John’s Cemetery, Middle Village, following a Requiem Mass at 11 A.M. at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn.

Detective Finnegan, 29, was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Long Island City, following a 9:45 A.M. Mass of Requiem at St. Teresa’s Church, Sterling Place and Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, on May 23.



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