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Francis X. O'Rourke

Francis O'Rourke

Rank: Detective

Shield Number: 422

Command: 032 Detective Squad

Date of Death: 01/21/1958

Cause of Death: Off Duty L.O.D. Heart Attack

On the morning of January 20, 1958 at about 6:30 a.m., Detective O’Rourke had requested another Patrolman from the 32nd Precinct to accompany him to make an arrest at 134 West 143rd Street, apartment 1.  When the two policemen arrived at the apartment they were refused admittance.  While both policeman were in the hallway they heard a sound of a window opening from the apartment.  Detective O’Rourke pushed his shoulder against the door in an attempt to break in.  At that point the person whom Detective O’Rourke had planned to arrest had escaped through the window.  Both occupants in the apartment were placed under arrest.  About 8 hours later, Detective O’Rourke telephoned a doctor.  He told the doctor that he had injured his chest while attempting to break down a door hours earlier.  O’Rourke told the doctor he was tired from working all night and if he did not feel better he would visit him the next day.  Detective O’Rourke died the following day at the Pearl River General Hospital in Rockland County New York.  Detective Francis X O’Rourke was appointed on September 16, 1946. We was first assigned to the 15th Precinct (the East 35 Street Station House).  On August 7, 1955 was promoted to Detective.

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