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Finest Chauffeurs Seeks Drivers

Written by Tuesday, 09 May 2017 13:17

Finest Chauffeurs is seeking multiple drivers for (on call, spot work, per diem work) only, June through September, Suffolk County (Hamptons). The clients will provide the vehicle. The average assignment is six hours, but usually vary between three and nine hours. Drivers usually obtain two to three days advance notice, and if you’re unavailable, we’ll just call another driver. The starting and ending hours will vary. The rate to be paid to law enforcement drivers is $27 - $30 per hour and some clients tip on top of the hourly rate, bringing the hourly rate closer to $35 per hour, plus. If you are interested, please email or fax a resume, and driver’s license abstract to Finest Chauffeurs.


Additionally, the driver must have a class E driver’s license. When corresponding with Finest Chauffeurs, please specify the position/advertisement for which you are applying. Please fax (718) 776-8069 or email info@finestchauffeurs.com

To learn more about Finest Chauffeurs, please visit www.finestchauffeurs.com

Part time Chauffeur Jobs Available

Written by Monday, 08 May 2017 14:52

Retired or Active Detectives wanted for part time Chauffeur jobs in NYC, Westchester and Nassau. Please have clean-cut professional appearance. Suit and tie required. Pays $25 per hour. Chauffeur will be driving the client in the client’s car. Most trips are to NYC, wait and return. Also trips out of state. Please send resume to Mail@SafeRideCorp.com or Fax to 888-880-6241.