Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (1)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions and Important Information


1. The DEA covers your Dental, Optical and Prescription Benefits
Please note that we have very limited information pertaining to your medical coverage and for the best information please contact your medical carrier or City Health Benefits (HIPPA laws prevent us from obtaining any claim information or history regarding your medical benefits).
City Health Benefits Active (646) 610-5122

Retired (212) 513-0470 Health Benefits
(Please note that we are aware that it is extremely difficult to get in touch with the City Health Benefits office but it is the only number available. You may have an extended wait time, if a representative is needed please press 5 when options are given).


2. What is my DEA ID number?
Your DEA ID number is a unique number assigned to each member and their family and should be used in place of the member’s SS# in order to protect your identity. It can be found on your dental, optical and prescription cards and begins with the letters DEA.


3. What Health Insurance Companies Handle My Benefits?
Optical – (Optical Vouchers are no longer needed)
Active Members Davis Vision (800) 999-5431

Retired Members In NY or NJ
Davis Vision (800) 999-5431 or
Vision Screening (800) 652-0063
Outside of NY or NJ
Davis Vision only (800) 999-5431

Dental- Healthplex (800) 468-0600


There are two options:


1. PPO/Reimbursement Plan
There is a listing of participating dentists in this plan. If you choose to use one of them payment will be sent directly to the dentist and there is no out of pocket cost as long as your procedure is covered. You are also free to go to a non-participating dentist of your choice, pay them and submit for reimbursement according to the DEA fee schedule.

 2. Comprehensive Panel Plan
In this plan you must choose a dentist off the participating dentist list and enroll yourself and the entire family within that dental office. If you or a family member chooses to use another dentist, NOTHING will be covered. Pediatric Dentists are covered for children under age (3) ONLY in this plan. In order to change your dentist you MUST contact the DEA office and request a change form.

If you are unsure of the dental plan you are covered under, please contact the DEA Health Benefits Office. (212)587-9120

Prescription Drugs - Benecard PBF (identification card has
your DEA ID Number)

Please note that if you are under the age of 65 and not on Medicare you should also have an Express Scripts Card that states PICA on it. This card covers any form of Injectable Drugs or Chemotherapy/Cancer drugs. If you do not have a card, please contact Express Scripts at
(800) 467-2006 or go to
Note: Diabetic Drugs are covered through your medical carrier (ex; GHI, HIP, AETNA etc.). Please present that card to your pharmacist for diabetic prescriptions.

4. Retirees There is a calendar yearly deductible (July 1st- June 30th) for
prescriptions on your brand name medications.

Single- $50
 Double (Member/Spouse or Member/ 1 dependent) - $100
 Family (3 or more) - $150


5. Student Verification is due twice per year for children ages 19-23.
September 1st for the Fall Verification which covers your child from September 1st – February 28th
March 1st for the Spring Verification which covers your child from March 1st – August 31st
Please note if your child’s 19th birthday falls within a semester you must provide verification for that semester. If your child turns 23 his/her benefits will be terminated as of their 23rd birthday not the end of the semester.


6. Dependent Eligibility
Adding/ Deleting Spouse or Children you must send in
required documentation
If you become divorced your Spouse MUST be removed as of the date of your divorce. If you neglect to remove your ex-spouse and benefits are used you will be billed and be required to refund the DEA in full.


7. Cobra Benefits
DEA offers Cobra benefits for Dental, Optical, and Prescriptions. These benefits must be picked up within 60 days of the date of a Qualifying Event or Termination (ex; divorce, vesting out, age out for students.) Cobra benefits must be paid for by the member/elector.


8. Change of Address
Updating your Address is extremely important!!
You must contact the D.E.A. in order to update your address so you can receive any important updates and benefits information. Along with the DEA you must also update your address through City Health Benefits and Pension/Payroll.

9. Medicare Part B Reimbursement
You must complete a form through City Health Benefits and provide them with a copy of your Medicare card showing enrollment in Part B in order to receive reimbursement. Checks are mailed approximately during the middle of August for the previous calendar year.


10. Variable Supplement is a benefit provided through the Pension Section
and is sent out approximately during the middle of December each year.
 (212) 693-5100


Important Telephone Numbers:

DEA Union (212) 587-1000
DEA Health Benefits (212) 587-9120

Davis Vision (800) 999-5431 (you will need you DEA ID number)
Vision Screening (800) 652-0063

Healthplex (800) 468-0600

Benecard (888) 332-6973

City Health Benefits Active (646) 610-5122

Retired (212) 513-0470
If you are unable to reach this telephone number please try their website at
(Please Choose Health Benefits Program, Questions, Contact OLR, leave an email for the Commissioner).

Pension Section (212) 693-5100

Payroll (646) 610-6160