Contract Update

On May 22nd, the DEA met with the City for another bargaining session. No resolution was reached and talks continue. The focus of our discussions revolve around the body cameras and the damage done to the third grade Detective salary structure as a result of the attrition-based bargaining (reducing the salary of the unborn) between the PBA and the City. Here’s the back story: A date for a new bargaining session was set for May 22, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.Here’s more backstory: On April 21st, the DEA, in conjunction with the LBA and CEA, had a bargaining session with the City regarding the Body Camera Differential. Here’s more backstory: On Friday, March 10th, the DEA met with the City for a collective bargaining session regarding the impact of the PBA’s 2.25% Differential on third grade Detective’s pay. The DEA already had two informal meetings with the City: on February 6th and 10th. No progress was made; however, both sides agreed to continue meeting in the near future.