New Department Plaque Enforcement Unit

On Friday, June 9th, DEA President Palladino had a discussion with the Chief of Department Carlos Gomez regarding the new Department Plaque Enforcement Unit, consisting of eight traffic agents, eight Police Officers and eight Sergeants. They’ll be patrolling in every Borough and paying particular attention to Department autos and Officers’ personal cars parked in areas of violation (i.e., parked in crosswalks, bus stops, driveways, in front of fire hydrants, no standing zones, etc.). The Unit will be directed to issue summonses to personal cars. The Chief of Department and the Chief of Patrol Inspection Units will also be monitoring parking issues, and utilizing Twitter feeds that show violators. Department autos will not be summoned or towed, but CDs will be issued to the operator of the vehicle if it’s found to be parked illegally without justification. Please ensure no one has license plate covers, especially on Department vehicles.