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    The DEA maintains a not-for-profit charitable Fund – the DEA Widows’ and Children’s Fund – which originated to help support the families of those who died in the line of duty. The concept of this Fund dates back to the founding of the Union in 1917, at a time when the widows and children of slain Officers received very little assistance, and it was up to the Officer’s colleagues to look after the welfare of the families of their fallen brothers and sisters. That protective spirit, bond, fraternity, and brotherhood still exists today amongst the members of New York’s Finest.

    Click on the link below for a full description of our Fund.

    2023 Description DEA WIDOWS’ & CHILDREN’S FUND

    Donations by check should be made payable to the DEA Widows’ and Children’s Fund. Please include in the check a notation if your donation is slated for a specific “line of duty” family. Mail all checks or money orders to the DEA Widows’ and Children’s Fund, 26 Thomas Street, New York, NY 10007. Thank you!