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The DEA Honor Roll

Official Line of Duty Deaths

Donald J. Rainey

Rank: Detective, third grade

Shield Number: 2096

Command: COBS Auto Squad

Date of Death: 09/29/1965

Cause of Death: Gunshot

Donald J. Rainey was born March 27, 1939, and appointed to the force on May 11, 1959 with shield #22546. He was appointed as a Patrolman to the 73rd Precinct on November 17, 1959. He transferred to Patrol Borough Manhattan North on November 6, 1961, where he worked in plainclothes. He eventually moved to the Detective Division on July 15, 1965, and assigned to COBS Auto Squad. On April 5, 1965, he was promoted to Detective third grade with shield #2096.

On September 28, 1965, Rainey was off-duty inside a café when an argument began. During the scuffle, Rainey drew his weapon to take police action, but was accidentally shot by responding Officers. He died the next day, September 29, at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan.


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