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The DEA Honor Roll

Official Line of Duty Deaths

John D. Pollins

John Pollins

Rank: Detective

Shield Number: 1968

Command: Narcotics Division

Date of Death: 03/14/1967

Cause of Death: Shot - Buy and Bust

Detective Pollins shot and killed when he and two other officers went to arrest a suspect on a warrant.  Detective Pollins and two other officers went to the suspect’s apartment in a building at the corner of East 124th Street and Park Avenue in Manhattan.  Detective Pollins and another officer entered the suspect’s apartment, while the third officer stood guard outside.  As Detective Pollins entered the apartment the suspect fired two shots from a 16-guage shotgun, striking Detective Pollins in the face and wounding the other officer.


The suspect then fled from the location on foot, firing at the officers as he ran.  One shot wounded the third officers at the scene.  Despite their injuries, both Officers were able to apprehend the suspect after a short chase.  Detective Pollins was removed to the hospital where he underwent surgery for his wounds, but he died early the next day from his wounds. Detective Pollins was 34 years old.  He was appointed to the NYPD on May 8, 1961.  A police boat was named in Detective Pollins’ honor.

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