Life Insurance

The DEA provides worldwide Group Term Life Insurance coverage for every active member, his or her spouse/RDP, and eligible dependent(s) (certain limitations apply). The following applies to members with VH Dues Code and provides benefits no matter how or when death occurs.

$200,000       Member

$   30,000       Spouse/RDP

$     8,000       Eligible Dependent Child(ren) — live birth to age 19 or 25 if full-time student*

*Any member with an adult special needs child who is dependent upon them must call our plan administrator, Mechanic & Associates, to extend coverage.

Any member who is called to active military duty or who is on leave or off City Payroll for any reason must contact, Mechanic & Associates, to ensure continuity of coverage.


Continuation of Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage terminates when a member is no longer an active Detective. Member, spouse and dependent child coverage can be converted to an individual lifetime insurance policy without evidence of insurability (NO health questions or medical exam). Conversion form(s) must be submitted within thirty-one (31) days after his or her life insurance ceases. Contact Mechanic & Associates for details.


DEA Group Voluntary Term Life Insurance Program

DEA members can take advantage of convenient payroll deduction term life insurance. Term insurance is an excellent way to keep premium costs as low as possible.  For your convenience, payments are deducted directly from your paycheck.  Click on the Mechanic & Associates website to download a Voluntary Kit. 

If you have question, contact Judy at Mechanic & Associates. Plan highlights include:

Ease of Payroll Deduction

Five (5) Coverage Options available from $100,000 to $500,000 — spouse and dependent coverage available

Step Rated Premiums start as low as $3.32 per paycheck for $100,000

Newly Promoted Detectives — Guaranteed Coverage (enrollment form must be received within 60 days of promotion)

Existing Members — Simplified Underwriting Options for members not already enrolled or for those who wish to increase their insurance

Coverage can be continued into retirement through Pension Deduction


**Protect Your Pension** Retirement Planning / Exit Interview

Members of the DEA can also take advantage of a comprehensive and complimentary retirement counseling service that is provided by our financial services professional, Mechanic & Associates, Inc. Important topics of discussion include the pros and cons of pension loans, investment portfolio review and rebalance, review of pension options, and the potential need for life insurance protection.


Plan Administrator

Insurance & Retirement Specialists

Mechanic & Associates, Inc.

(845) 624-3800 or (516) 280-6840


Proudly Serving the Law Enforcement Community since 1973

To ensure proper payment of life insurance proceeds, please keep your beneficiary designations up to date.

Optional and at the Members’ Expense


The DEA has entered into an agreement with AFLAC New York to offer supplemental coverage to all DEA members for an Accident Policy, Cancer Protection Policy, Dental Supplement, and/or Hospital Protection Policy.


Do not mail the applications to the AFLAC Albany address. If you need further information or are interested in enrolling, contact the following AFLAC New York Agents: 


Stephen DeMaria                           Joseph Pernice          

Cell   917-848-8334                        917-886-7215

Office 212 679-9807                       Fax  212 658-9662

Toll Free (800) 564-2775


The All Polices are purchased via payroll deduction.


AFLAC has the finest Specified Disease Cancer Protection policy, one that pays cash benefits directly to policyholders. The rates are the same for all active members.  It is portable and can be carried with you at retirement at the same group rates with no increase.  We highly recommend you consider this policy.

See the website below for more information and forms: